18-20 Feb 2022

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Bharat has a heritage of knowledge sharing, public discourse, and intellectual brainstorming. For the last few centuries, India was in a state of insularity facing political and social precariousness which not only had an impact on its social and religious values but also on knowledge and economic prosperity. However, the essence of our Rashtriyata lay not in religious, political or administrative apparatus but on an immutable culture binding masses across the country. In the present time, Indian thinkers and leaders have invested to ready ourselves as a great nation exuding with confidence. Lokmanthan, a Colloquium of ‘Nation First’ Thinkers and Practitioners created a significant impact in public discourse in 2016 and 2018. It became one of the largest platforms to share, brainstorm and perorate on contemporary issues of the country that not only influences home but also the world. ‘Confluence of evolving nationalism, aspirations, social justice and harmony through empathy and sensitization culminating into social mobility using development as an instrument’ is the moving Mantra of the national convention.

Art, Literature, Media and Films have lead in shaping the society opinion about a country. Academic and economic prosperity and global footprint reflect credentials in the opinion. The new and young thinkers’ and practitioners’ generation has built present Bharat with deep philosophy and national context. Lokmanthan 2022 will unite the common wisdom of these national ambassadors and present the national character of its very own, with its very own heritage of past and confidence of present for Future of Bharat.

The first edition of the Lokmanthan which focused on Desh-Kal-Sthithi was held in 2016. It reoriented the discourse of Nation under the rubrics of ‘Decolonising Indian Mind’, ‘Identity, Aspirations and National Integration’, ‘Role of Art, Culture, History and Media in Nation Building’. In a short span of two months, five publications took place. There was an astounding participation in the colloquium.

Lokmanthan 2018, (Bharat Bodh: Jan Gan Man) was mainly intended to provide an ideological platform for multi-layered discussions on topics from arts to environment. The four days colloquium observed representatives from all strata of the society. Hon. Vice President of India, Sh. M. Venkaiah Naidu and the then Hon. Speaker of Lok Sabha, Smt. Sumitra Mahajan graced the event. With multiple publications and involvement of grassroot change makers the message of Lokmanthan was disseminated not only amongst intellectuals but also to common masses of India as along with discussions the manifestation of ideas were presented by various practitioners.

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Lokmanthan 2016

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