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Yuva Lokmanthan Guwahati

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About Event

Lokmanthan, the churn of the nation, is a journey embarked upon by Prajna Pravah to seek the cultural and traditional treasures hidden in the various corners of our country. Lokmanthan is that intended churn which would provide a chance to all ethnic groups and communities to bring forth their traditional knowledge in various spheres which are entwined in their cultural practices. It is a platform to all thinkers and practitioners for whom the national interests are primary. This is an attempt to connect intellectuals and practitioners in connecting the present to the past and thus create a future which can secure our cultural heritage.

The journey of Lokmanthan by PrajnaPravah was started in 2016 and has evoked good public response. In 2016 it was held in Bhopal with the theme “De-Colonising Indian Minds” and in 2018 Lokamnthan was held in Ranchi with the theme “Bharatbodh: Jan-Gan-Man”.

Lokmanthan 2022 is going to be held in Guwahati,Assam from 21st to 23rd September 2022 at Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra organised by Prajna Pravah in collaboration with Intellectual Forum of North East (IFNE). The theme selected for this three-days colloquium is “Lokparampara”.

Why the theme “Lok-Parampara” in the Northeast:
1) Unparalleled ethnic diversity –with 270 ethnic groups and 185 linguistic groups, and more.
2) All of them having unique life style, food habits, tradition, customs and way of life.
3) Many of them are endangered as the various socio-economic groups and NGOs in the name of socio-economic development are jeopardizing their culture.
4) It is high time is to show case, conserve, preserve our ethnic heritage and start the process of conservation.

Competition Details

To feel the involvement of people from nook and corner of North East region in Lokmanthan 2022 we are organizing different competition for the event. The event will comprise of Speech Competition, Drawing Competition, Essay writing Competition and Documentary Making competition. The theme line for the Lokmanthan 2022 is “Lok beyond Folk”. The following are the topics for different competition.

A. Essay Writing Competition: Topics ( 20 July,2022 – 10 August,2022)

  1. The tradition of “Tirtha Yatra” tours and “Annadan” in Bharat
  2. Agriculture and Food in Folk tradition of Bharat
  3. Responsibility and duty sense towards the elderly and community in folk traditions of Bharat
  4. Environment and Biodiversity in Folk traditions of Bharat

B. Drawing Competition: Topics( 20 July,2022 – 10 August,2022)

  1. Shri Krishna
  2. Freedom Fighters of Northeast
  3. Great Warriors of Northeast

C. Documentary

  1. Topic: “Lok Life: লোক-জীৱন”


Date: 27 August, 2022

Venue: BKB Auditorium, Gauhati University

The final extravaganza of Pre-Lokmanthan will be celebrated as Yuva Lokmanthan at Gauhati University on 27th August, 2022. The day-long event will comprise of two sessions. The First session will be a lecture program followed by prize distribution ceremony. Eminent singers and dancers will perform representing lok sanskriti of North-East India in the valedictory session of the event.